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Running the training course had honed her muscles, and her curves could no longer be camouflaged by her baggy clothes and hunched shoulders. When Rosie had first come to work for the pack, Valerie noticed Little Joe right away. Female lycans were few. But for how long would Little Joe continue with this ruse?

Everyone, Valerii included, treated Josie like glass. But the woman laughing down at her brother was anything but fragile. The twins, Donny and Adam, ran into the clearing. They both reached for the rope. Donny grabbed it first, but Adam refused to let him have it. As they began to argue, two more water balloons flew through the air and hit each of them on the head. He wondered briefly what the boys had done to irk their foster sister. Just then, Jeremy, the youngest, ran into the clearing and into the twins, who were wiping their faces with their shirts.

All three of them sprawled into the pond. Jeremy surfaced first and reached a hand down to Donny. Valerii gasped as Little Joe jumped from the tree into the water. She quickly reached for Adam and turned him over. Not wasting a moment, Valerii jumped from the hunting platform to the forest floor. His body ached briefly from the two-story jump, before he started running with preternatural speed to the pond. Lycans were both stronger and faster than humans. When Valerii arrived, Little Joe was holding Adam in her arms.

Donny and Jeremy were helping her lift him from the pond. Seth, use your telepathy to link with him. He could feel that Adam was already rousing and would awaken in a few more seconds.

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He sighed with relief as he called to the young man with his telepathy. If the boy shifted with his clothes on, they would be ripped to shreds. Valerii turned to find Little Joe beside him. She smelled sweet like honey. His mouth watered for a taste. See what happens when you take a joke too far? Only an alpha wolf would challenge him like this. A rock in the pond did. This was an accident. Adam moaned, and his eyes fluttered open. Seth kneeled down, his face troubled.

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Do you think you can sit up? She had disappeared. She ran in the kitchen door and up two flights of back stairs, before going into her room and slamming the door. She fell on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Through the open window, she heard a wolf howl, soon followed by three others.

Fated Mates: Book 1 of the True Mates Series: A Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Adam had shifted, and it sounded like the rest of her brothers had joined him. What was Valerii doing? Would he shift as well, or would he come looking for her? He was the Beta of the pack and ranked higher in the lycan hierarchy. But, please. Everyone knew she would never purposely hurt one of her brothers. They were the only family she had now, and she loved them all dearly, even when they held her down and tickled her until she got the hiccups.

Sighing, she stood up and sat on the windowsill, one leg dangling over the edge. She stared into the forest, trying to catch a glimpse of Valerii in his wolf form.

Instead, it was the man, who walked down the trail toward the house. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, and his shoulders hunched as he stared at the ground. The morning sun glinted off his long blond braids. Her wolf jumped forward, wanting to come out. But, Josephine pushed her back. Josephine stilled, her entire focus on Valerii. She loved looking at him. His body moved with grace, and her hands itched to feel his molded chest. She knew under those tight jeans, muscled thighs waited for her touch.

Protecting His Mate (His Mate, #1) by M.L. Briers

More than anything she longed to feel his arms around her. But he never noticed her. He treated her like all the other boys. She should just go up and kiss him. What would his reaction be? Would he finally see her as a woman and not as the boy she pretended to be? The men who had killed her father had never discovered her here in England. That had happened a lot after her escape.

To stop the pain, she never thought about her time spent in the laboratory. She needed to start acting like the Alpha she wanted to be. She feinted left, then right, heading straight for the pit traps her people dug earlier and managed to slow him down as he evaded the obstacles. He was getting good. On previous runs, Beryx kept falling into the traps.

He appeared to have finally memorized their placement. Too bad, she thought, admiring his persistence in dogging her. Too bad he's a beta. Jurisa turned into a new section of the run, one that her second hadn't been over lately. Download: epub mobi Kindle pdf more Online Reader rtf lrf pdb txt. Price: Free! Add to Library.

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