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  • Explore Now. Your backyard should be completely fenced in for the same reason. Your dog enjoys a game of tug of war or chase. Despite his small size, the Norwich has good substance and is an eager worker.

    How To Potty Train A Norwich Terrier As Quickly As Possible How to train a Norwich Terrier

    The Norwich Terrier has short hair all over its body and is best kept natural, which means it needs brushing but no trimming. For the most part, its hair is thick, coarse and wiry, except on the face, where is it softer. The breed has a double coat, and the under coat is softer than the outer coat.

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    In the way of color, the Norwich Terrier can be any shade of red, as well as black and tan or gray. Since the Norwich Terrier is a willful breed, training should start as soon as your puppy comes home.

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    This dog is a bundle of energy, so play with your puppy to tire it out. Don't Miss Stories on PetGuide. What on Earth is Earthdog? Getting down and dirty with Earthdog Little dogs have a lot of energy — especially the ones that were bred to hunt