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It’s great to pick up a new, healthy habit—but that’s just the first step.

Probably because we see the card repeatedly as we take it out of our pocket, place it on the desk, add the number to our phone, connect with the person on social media, and then put the card away in a storage container. It sticks around physically, and therefore also in our minds. Emails disappear into overflowing inboxes, and digital ads go away with a click, but print has longevity. Sometimes it can lie around for days, particularly if the recipient has any interest in using the information. Print for direct marketing goes well beyond a paper medium. Promotional products, apparel, and signage are indispensable tools for getting exposure.

They continue working for your business, day in and day out, with no additional expense than what it took to produce it. What could that equal, a million impressions? Total U.

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Not the same experience compared to a radio ad or native ad in social media. Print marketing in general, except perhaps the door hanger or flyer on your car, is not intrusive. Many people are more protective of their email inbox than their mailbox. Perhaps this counter-intuitive perception of personal space your home vs.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Second, email now moves with us throughout the day on our smartphones. It better be true! If you have a limited budget but want to add print marketing to your mix; produce one or two items of substance to make your business tangible and appear legitimate. What will make a superb impression? When do you make it? With whom are you making it?

The printed object could be branded apparel, a very useful promo product, or a glossy, full-color guide. Consider the first introduction to a prospect, or what your sales team leaves behind after a sales call. The ROI on print in these cases is very attainable, considering the value of the impression. If your competitor does a better job of preparing material for their sales presentation, you might lose that rich opportunity over a mere few dollars.

Applying variable data to your direct mail campaigns is an excellent way to outshine competitors.

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Plus, a small boost in the response rate can translate nicely into hard numbers. Using variable data does require more planning than a non-personalized piece of mail. Do more than a standard greeting with their name. Consider variations in imagery, the central message, or call-to-action. When the pieces are printed, the computer knows how to customize each letter or card for each recipient.

A good list builder continually adds more contacts and details about the contacts to their list. For example, gender according to how the first name is spelled. The criteria are male or female. Other terrific criteria for variable data are current customer vs. You should have transaction records of all your customers. Compare them to your mailing list and notate accordingly.

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When you do the next mailer, customize the call to action or offer that makes the most sense for the recipient. Maybe first-time customers receive a unique incentive, and current customers see an official promotion announcement. We can generate relationships with prospective customers through the internet, but we can also drive them there from many sources to nurture the relationship. Tracking the source of leads helps us understand where to put our efforts at the top of the funnel.

However, cultivating these opportunities through social media, email list, website engagement is pretty much all the same strategy. Most all forms of printed direct marketing can help you generate online traffic. If you have a unique business name, you are fortunate.

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A simple Google search should land adventurers at your doorstep. There are too many other entities that use that same term and appear in search results.

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In these cases, providing a URL in your print marketing is even more important for your company. Anytime you get anything printed, consider how to tastefully encourage readers to explore your business online. The call to action gives them a reason to visit the landing page, and the landing page presents the reason they should take the next step towards your business fill out a form, call you, complete a survey, etc.

How well does each asset support current and planned campaigns?

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What gaps or opportunities are we missing? He has sold copiers, word processing systems, computers, print, mail and graphic design. In addition, he advanced from a street wise sales person, to the Director of Federal, State, Local and Education Sales, to the owner of his own company. He has been the owner of Clarke, Inc. Many players who are good at stickhandling tend to bring the puck in close to their body in order to protect the puck while pulling a deke. A short stick makes it easier to perform these moves.

Personal preference is super important! Make sure to ask the question does it feel good in my hands? Experienced players know the exact length they like and are thrown off by change.

Here are our top picks for the best streaming boxes and sticks:

Gretzky used a short stick But now I'm all about hockey sticks. A passion and love for sticks as a child has blossomed into a full on obsession as an adult if you can call me that. Hi Randy — Great question and the answer is yes. Players are only allowed to play with a stick that comes with a 65" shaft insert total height 70" tall. They are allowed to add an additional 4". Therefore Chara for instance is allowed to have a longer stick than someone like me who is only 6"3.

There is also a maximum allowable size for the height of your blade which many pro players are now pushing to the limit. We will be doing a blog shortly on Max Blade. I know there is curve regulations that must be abided by. But is there the same for length? Can you get 2 minutes for a stick measurement for having to long of a stick insert childish snickering. But seriously. Always wondered. Hey Harold, yes indeed.