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Purchasing and procurement must be able to accompany the topic on an equal footing and offer concepts. The 'agile fixed price' is only one building block. Companies are no longer able to pass agile methods in the most diverse fields of tasks. The advantages of agile methods like Scrum, IT-Kanban and design thinking are obvious and meanwhile undisputed. But how do purchasing and procurement work in this new constellation?

There are many new questions for purchasing and procurement and they are facing new challenges:. The Intensive Training Workshop "Agile Procurement — Agile Contract Design" addresses those questions and provides the necessary knowledge of agile methods, tailored to the interests and needs of purchasing and procurement.

For this a very compact and concentrated approach is chosen which allows representatives of purchasing and procurement to gain an understanding in just one day. So further steps can be sorted out and arranged. Here, we can observe that projects fail as a result of the divergence of objectives of the stakeholders involved.

Haefler Definition of Administration 4.0 (Verwaltung 4.0)

One example is the already mentioned introduction of the electronic health card, where — among others — conflicts between the government, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, private and compulsory insurance companies and data privacy contribute to a deadlock and thus to a severe delay. The reasons for the failure of IT projects can rarely be attributed to a single cause. Thus, a scientific, thorough investigation is not trivial. That may be one reason for the prevalence of so-called best practices in place of concrete scientific evidence.

Precisely at this point it may be beneficial for BISE to set a major priority on failure research, which has also significantly advanced other disciplines such as medicine and engineering. Management and governance structures that are currently not sufficiently effective have to be improved for the project implementation phase.

Recommendation for current coalition agreements

In doing so, the image of IT, IT awareness, and IT decision-making competence are strengthened at the level of corporate management. Only if IT investments are managed with more expertise at the border between business administration and technology, we can successfully use financial means in a more reasonable way in the private and the economic sector.

Anlage Strategie #2 / Risk Management / Deutsch / German

It is equally important to better consider the human factor. If small IT projects, which are not crucial for the long-term business success, delay or fail in part , this is a setback for the particular department, but is manageable from a business perspective. Thus, errors by employees in these projects are more easily manageable. A successful staff development includes providing enough leeway for error, i.

This approach has yet to find its way into large-scale IT projects to a greater extent. In addition, there are direct starting points in typical project situations in order to increase the chances of success.

Koalitionsempfehlung • Oliver Rack

On the one hand, often large and complex lists instead of the proper project management software and methods are used. For example, using network techniques — in contrast to the usually rigidly implemented Excel lists — might help to consider dependencies and interactions automatically in case of short-term changes, such as schedule delays.

Likewise, network techniques may also be extended by stochastic elements e. Thus, the error rate of schedule changes that become necessary in the short term can be reduced.

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Here, it is required both to more critically question why this condition still holds and to make use of pragmatic, practical methods. Nevertheless, concerning large-scale projects it is particularly important and correct that BISE intensifies its involvement in failure research. Especially due to its inherent strengths, such as interdisciplinarity, methodological pluralism, design and engineering tradition, innovation strength, and practicality, the field has great potential to contribute to society in this important area.

The relevant question is: What needs to be done in general and from the perspective of BISE in particular in order to both promote existing measures to improve the success rate of large-scale IT projects and to take its own role within the project management and strengthen it sustainably? In practice, BISE can contribute to sustainable business success and competitiveness by supporting companies in the alignment with a consistent objectives system.

As a result of its intermediary role between business administration and computer science, the competence of BISE is more sought-after and required in order to close the still existing and mission-critical gap at the border between IT and business departments within IT projects with procedural and organizational challenges. BISE should also become aware of its responsibility towards society to a greater extent. In the academic training of its junior experts, BISE should contribute to the successful management of large-scale IT projects by increasing the recognition of its solutions, tools, methods, etc.

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