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These names are not used for processing, but you will indicate that additional relatives are named, because they provide additional information for genealogical research. The notation supplies additional information which can sometimes help you decipher the information in the main part of the form.

For example, the date and month of the baptism may help you decipher the date of the entry; spelling of names and places can also be compared. The baptismal date can be used for the event date when no registration date is found in the record. Ebooks and Manuals

JtJy; anno suddento in pie dei cplal 3 indiczto che il Saxmento del banesi-. You extract information from the notation if the child's surname is different from the father's or additional given names claw the child's sex. Write it fist as it is written in the main section and then as it is written h the marginal notes. The example below shows only one of the many variations of the civil birth record, but the records have enough in common that this example should be of help to you. The information hat you will extract is written in bold capital letters. Other potentially helpful information is shown in parentheses.

I1 presente atto b stato letto al dichiarante ed a9tesdmoni, ed indi si 6 firmato da noi. The top card is used for extracting birrh and christening records and the bottom card is used for extracting marriage records. Please do all of parts 1 and 2. If you need more practice, do as much of part 3 as you find helpful. Part 1. From pages and in the Sample Records section extract the appropriate infomation onto he "cards" below. You will use the same records for this task as you used for Activities 3 through This will allow you to concentrate on how to use the cards without being distracted by altogether new information.

For parts 2 and 3, use the actual cards being us'ed in your stake extraction program. These should be provided by the stake trainer or stake extraction specialist. From pages through in the Sample Records section extract the appropriate information onto extraction cards used in your stake. This activity gives you. Some of them. Extract as many records from pages through as you find helpful.

Use the extraction cards provided by your stake. Handwritten records contain the same information, but it is necessary for you to descipher all the words in order to know what to extract. This example below represents a handwritten civil birth record. If you need to review date information, refer to pages 14 through 16in this chapter. Print " M for male and "F" for "female. Information on finding additional relatives can be found on pages 9 through 11 in the Family Relationships section. I [When you have finished Activity 14, compare your answers with the Key on page They were also organized differently from civil birth records; however, they contain similar extractable information.

Watch for the same key words in handwritten records that you looked for in the preprinted records. Because the parish christening entry does not have a preprinted form as a civil birth entry does, you may have to descipher most of the words in order to know what to extract. Copy the Italian handwritten words from the parish christening record on the previous page onto the lines below, but form the letters in your normal handwriting. Use pencil so that you will have the confidence to experiment.

Copy as much as you can from the original record above without looking at anything else. Different recorders varied the wording enough, however, that you will have to pay close attention to detemhe which name belongs to which person. When part of the date is misshg, you must look at the top of the page or tun back to the page where the lase complete date is found.

When the name is introduced later, it might also follow a fom of the word baltezzare to baptize. Key Words battezzato a battezzato da me il nome di battesimo lzaqua battesimale a baptized baptized by me then introduces the officiating agent the name of baptism the name given at the time of baptism baptism of water to. Key Words I 2 and frequently used between names of parents con with occasionally used between names of parents legitimi coniugi legitimately married couple. This phrase will often be abbreviated. Sample abbreviations: Ib c. It is important that you identify the priest so that you don't confuse him with the child's father.

Frequently the priest will state his name rather than. Casa Curato at that point. Other phrases used to introduce parish priests are listed below. The names of godparents are not extracted. You learn to recognize them in order to avoid recording their names as parents of the child. Key Words noadrim padrino padrini godmother godfather godparents.

Giuseppe fu Tommaso e Rose Visani, naque il giorno 30 dello scroso Dicembre alle ore Madelena Maria Cassa, daughter of the legally married Giuseppe of Tommaso and Rosa Visani, born the 30th day of the past Becember,at the. The person using the stamp substituted a personal spelling of the town in the space where the parish name would ordinarily be written. This doesn't affect the information being extracted, but it does serve to remind extractors to be alert for inconsistencies in these records. On pages and you will find handwritten copies of an Italian Parish Christening Record.

Extract as much of the following information as you can find from those records. You will soon discover that many of the records will not have all of the information mentioned in this chapter. Write dates in the order day month year example: 12 Oct In most of the spaces you are asked to write out names, places, or dates, but in task b you can abbreviate, using "M" or "F" for "male" or "female. Take the Sample Records section from the notebook.

From the records on pages and in the Sample Records section, extract enfxies number 4 through 6 onto extraction cards used in your stake. This activity gives you ten new records to extract. They are very much like the ones you have already extracted, but the handwriting and organization of the Werent priests may vary slightly. From the records on pages and in the Sample Records section, extract as many of the entries numbers 7 'through 16 as you find helpful onto extraction cards used in your stake.

Unlike christening and birth records, there can be many variables in marriage entries. Much of this information can be extracted. As you can see, civil marriage records contain considerably more information than do birth and christening records. Much of this information can be extracted, but you will find it necessary to sift through even more nonessential information in order to find what you need to extract. For example, you may find information about the engagement, the ceremony, postponements or cancellations, names of witnesses and unrelated participants, or even a description of the bride's dowery.

Most of the time, all the information that should be extracted will appear on the first page of the marriage record. Nieola Pmquarelli, e del Parroco Sige. Nichola Pasquarelti, and by the parish priest Mr. Miccelangeto Melocchi of said town of Pizzo ferrato, and in absence of a notary, it was made by the Mayor, and the parish priest of said town, another of the proviso to give consent Agato Casciato her aunt, present at the act, and giving her consent ACTIVITY Other information, such as verification of the completed marriage, can also be useful.

Still, a large part of the record is Wtten by hand. Because most of the data you are seeking appears in approximately the same place each the, you will soon be able to extract these records with confidence. Remove the. Pages and documents are numbered in civil registers, but these numbers are not extracted. Both sides of pages are considered to be one page. For that. Because the example above is the "front side" of the page; it is the only place whe the page amber and document number of the marriage record will appear.

Because birth registrations, marriages, and deaths will be included in the same record book far each yea, page numbers for particular types- of records on the film may not be in sequence. As m extractor, therefore, you can't count on page nwnbers entirely to help you locate the position of pages in a filrrm. Key Words firn. If you cmot deterine the day, record only the month and year; but do not record the day without the month. Sometimes the name of the bride or groom will contain the name of the father.

This is often prefaced by such terms as rnaggiore del eldesi of or minore del youngest of ; sometimes the tern fii the deceased is also added. You will not extract his age, even though it may be given. There may also appear a statement concerning a deceased wife. It will typically be introduced by e di and of. You will not extract her age, even though it may be given. Sometimes a large E or t? Occasionally you will encounter phrases like d'alfra parte the other part or from the other side or de seconda parte the second part or simply con with.

This may be accompanied by a term like concaio potter to describe her professione. Because the exact sequence of each statement was not stipulated, officials sometimes scrambled dates in ways that may not seem logical to you, such as in this example: the name of the bride's father was inserted ahead of the statement about the bride's age.

Typically the name of the bride's father will follow a statement of the bride's age. There are occasions, however, when the mother's name will be listed first. After a 'word like figlia daughter you might have a term like rnadre mother or padre father accompanying the name of the parent. There may also appear a statement concerning a deceased husband. Watch for phrases such as vedova widow or di mode the death to help you recognize when a statement refers to a deceased husband rather than to a parent.

On pages through you will find copies of marriage records from an Italian civil register. Extract as much of the following information as you can find from the fist five records. On pages through you will find copies of Italian civil marriage records. Extract the family history data from the first two records onto the "cards" below.

Please extract all that you can without looking at the key. Then compare your answers with the Key Icon page and go on to part 2. From the records on pages through in the Sample Records section, extract the next three entries onto the cards used in your stake. This part of the activity gives you new records to extract. From the records on pages through in the Sample Records section, extract entries onto extraction cards used in your stake. Please do this without looking at the key. WhAa you feel that you have had enough practice, check your work against the Key and turn to page 70 in the manual.

A marginal note may annul, cancel, invalidate, or postpone the marriage. Although the opening phrase includes the date of marriage in most civil records, this is not always the case with parish records. Whenever the dates of both the civil ceremony and the ecclesiastical ceremony are listed, extract the civil marriage date. Postponed or impeded marriages. Recording marriage information became more complicated when a couple came to be married but had the marrige postponed due to sickness, military commitment, change of heart, or even because the bride and groom were first cousins.

In such cases the actual marriage date may be found in the handwritten documentation added to the register at the end of the year. Some civil registers at the end of the year included a special section called Matrimont' Diversi to explain unusual marriage situations. Suck impeded marriage explanations continue over several pages.


In such instances you may have to work bough the entire entry to arrive at the actual marriage or the phrase that specifically prohibits the marriage. Marriage announcement. Italian law reqhed a publication of intentions prior to a civil marriage ceremony. The date of this announcement was usually recorded on the second page of the record.

In the second line of the example on page 57 you will find the term publicazioni. The next few lines stipulate that the publication dates will be the 12th of April, a Sunday at noon of the current year, and the , also a Sunday. These publications informed the populace of the impending marriage and allowed individuals time to notify authorities when there were reasons to nullify or prohibit the marriage. Some letters most noticeably D, G, P, R, and S are formed quite differently in the two languages, however. Although there is a general notion of how a "correct" letter should look, you will be confronted in your extracting by a wide range of handwriting styles for each letter of the alphabet.

The following examples show some of the more common variations of the same letters you will discover in the records you will be extracting. Whenever you are faced with difficult handwriting styles, it is a good idea to copy new examples of letters beside the examples above. These will be helpful for later comparisons when you find similar words that you can't read. The following is an example of this technique. Compare the A and a in Angela with the letters in the second name.

Perhaps you can make out the letters ngle in the second name, but can't make out the rest of the word. By comparing the two you will discover that the second name is Archangelo. The letters J, K, W, X, and Y appear in the Italian alphabet, but are used mainly in foreign words adopted into the Italian vocabulary. Examples: jazz, kilogramme, waterpolo, xilofono, yacht. The letter j, as used in older texts, had an "in sound and was often used in place of a double i.

The up and down strokes of letters cre called "minims. You might also have to compare the name with other names within the same or other records before you can determine the correct spelling. Linking strokes. The small U-shaped strokes which connect minims in letters and connect the letters within the word are called "linking strokes. Instead they used an overhead stroke: -. This stroke is frequently encountered in the older records.

A scribe may have linked Ls at the top or crossed Ds or Ts and continued into the next letter from the crossbar as shown in the examples below. Standardized capitalization was not applied until the s. Even today many differences remain. For example, the names of the month are not usually capitalized as they are in English.

In the older records, capitalization could be used anywhere in a sentence or word, as in the name Migelangelo, below. Ending letters. Vowels at the end of words can be very helpful to the extractor. An i, for example, is used to indicate that a noun is plural. A noun ending with a is feminine; one ending with o is masculine. You will find more information about determing the gender of individuals in the reference section, "Name identification and Gender" beginning on page xx.

Alternating vowel and consonant sounds. The musical quality of Italian is caused by a regular vowel-consonant interchange. You will sometimes be able to predict what a letter will be because vowel sounds and consonant sounds are normally alternated--as in the name Domeizico. Even when there are double consonants as in Rosa, blends as in Aaelo, and diphthongs as in rtlnrig, you will still find it helpful to observe the regular way consonant and vowel sounds are alternated in Italian. Diacritical marks. In Italiah the only diacritical mark used is the "grave accent" ' which is placed over vowels to indicate stress in the pronunciation, as with the word Cnritc'l charity.

Diacritical marks from the very early records will clearly reflect a Latin influence. To review Latin diacritical marks, please refer to the Latin Extraction Manual. Here are some of the more common given names and their transcriptions. Also, because, paper was expensive, scribes charged for each sheet used in completing a document. Abbreviations, therefore, were quite common.

Although it-was not until the s that abbreviations were standardized, you will soon learn to anticipate the words that are abbreviated as you become familiar with the forms. Raised letters. One common form of abbreviation was to indicate that letters with a word or name were omitted by placing one or more raised letters at the end of a word, sometimes with a period beneath or slightly to the right of the raised letters. The period is used in Italian as it is in English to designate a contraction. A contraction may also be indicated by a flourish or an unusual short upward stroke at the end of the abbreviation or in the area of omitted letters.

A short stoke was sometimes placed above an m or ii to indicate that a second m or n had been omitted. One of the oldest and most frequently used marks indicating contractions was a crescent with a dot above the word: rn. An Elision is the use of an apostrophe ' between two words when the first ends and the second begins with a vowel. The most frequent omissions are the litter i from di and the letter a from. Examples: di Amore becomes d'amore di A lbergo becomes d'albergo dalla Oca becomes clnll'qca le Alpi becomes Z'Alpi la Agricola becomes I'Agricola Some scribes failed to include the apostrophe and wrote the contractions as a single word.

The last four months of the year are fequently abbreviated using the numbers 7 sette , 8 otto , 9 izove , and 10 dieci. This was a carry over from the Julian calendar. Bound in half roan leather with marbled paper covered boards and gilt lettering and decoration. First edition. Volumes I and III only. John Banim - Irish novelist. A complete set and first edition of this historical novel from the s.

First Edition. Complete in three volumes. Bound without any half titles but no collation available for this very rare novel, so may well not be called for, The complete set uniformly bound, making up this romantic, adventure novel from English novelist and historical writer, George Payne Rainsford James.

Ferrier 7 September 5 November was a Scottish novelist. Her novels combine humour with vivid accounts of Scottish social life Alain-Rene Lesage's picaresque novel. Illustrated, with six plates. Collated, complete in four volumes. In the original French. The 'Standard Novel Series' started publishing one-volume versions of novels Uniformly bound. With a decorative nameplate A selection of works by French authors. These works are in a useful pocket-sized format.

Uniformly bound in a quarter calf binding. First UK edition. In three volumes complete. The novel is a socio-political novel set in 16th century A Tale' in an original morocco binding. Containing a collection of short stories, novels, essays and works with themes of etiquette, as A collection of the stories of Maria Edgeworth. Maria Edgeworth 1 January 22 May was a prolific Irish writer of adults' and children's literature.

She was one of the first realist writers in children's literature and Direct from the library of the late Hugh Selbourne MD a noted book collector and diarist. The first edition in book form as Tom Cringle's log was originally A first edition and complete set of James's historical novel, dating from the s.

A collection of illustrations of scenes from the Waverley novels of Walter Scott. Second edition. Containing one hundred and eighteen engraved plates. This is a charmingly illustrated edition of the french retelling of Robinson Crusoe. This copy, the eleventh edition thus, follows the story of a young Robinson Crusoe, and features illustrated plates throughout. Complete in Two Volumes. Copac states this is an early reprint of the first edition, not the original Eighteenth edition, carefully revised, with an original A third edition of the tragedies of Sophocles translated for D A Talboys.

Sophocles is one of the three ancient Greek tragedians whose first plays have survived. Only seven of of his plays have survived in a complete form, among A historical novel and social satire from the pen of Bulwer Lytton in decorative calf bindings. Some foxing as usual with this edition. Some literary bubbles by Sir Francis Bond Head. Bound in half calf with marbled paper covered boards and gilt lettering and decoration. With frontis and engraved title page.

Sir Francis Bond Head A scarce copy of this charming collection of tales told from a mother to her children. Samuel Johnson's apologue about happiness, originally entitled, 'The Choice of Life'. With an engraved frontispiece. Johnson wrote the piece in only one week to help pay the costs of his mother's funeral, intending to complete it on An illustrated collection of literary fragments from With ten engraved plates.

Edited by Alaric Watts, a British poet and journalist. Rebound in crushed morocco over chamfered wooden boards, A scarce complete set of Tremordyn Cliff, a novel by Frances Trollope. Frances Milton Trollope - was an English novelist and writer who published as Mrs. Trollope or Mrs. A very good copy of the first edition of George Payne Rainsford James' historical novel looking at the life of the Romani people. The first edition of this work.

Complete in three volumes A scarce copy of this work by Captain Marryat. Printed in the same year as the UK first edition. This edition printed in Paris. Captain Frederick Marryat was a British Royal Navy officer and novelist noted today as an early pioneer of A scarce first edition of this novel about a man in search of a horse.

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With numerous illustrations in the text. Two scarce works of the Lady Morgan, Miss Owenson in a fine binding. Bound in half leather with gilt lettering and decoration. Two works bound as one. The publication information William Cowper was an English poet and hymnodist. One of the most popular poets of his time, Both illustrated with portraits from highly finished drawings by E.

Both are In two volumes complete. George Payne Rainsford James - , was an English novelist and historical writer. He was An affordable second edition of this treasure trove of Italian literature for the English-reading public. Complete in Four Volumes. Selected from the most approved authors in that language; from the earliest period down to A charming pocketsize edition of this humorous 'travel' work by noted author Washington Irving.

Collated complete from copac with four monochrome plates by George Cruikshank, a British illustrator According to an introduction that Scott wrote in , he had originally intended to write a story of the supernatural, but changed A historical work by Washington Irving. Washington Irving April 3, November 28, was an American author, essayist, biographer, historian, and diplomat of the early 19th century.

His historical works include biographies The first edition of Samuel Lover's historical novel about the Irishman Rory O'Moore, illustrated throughout by the author. A moral tale about pride, charmingly written by Catherine Grace Godwin, and illustrated throughout. A French medical work on various subjects by Jean Louis Petit. With information on dislocations, fractures, tumours, ulcers, haemorrhoids, and amputations. Jean Louis Including a publisher's catalogue to the rear. Frontispiece of Goldsmith. A copy of Oliver Goldsmith's popular novel. A seven volume set of the novels of Horace de Viel Castel.

Three series of novels, comprising seven novels in total, uniformly bound. An attractive set, scarce to find any of these works let alone all three series of novels complete Two uniformly-bound and very decorative volumes of the Christian annual, The Christian Keepsake. Containing the volumes for and Illustrated throughout with thirty-two engraved plates. A scarce set of these early gothic literature, from French author, Frederic Soulie.

Written in French. Both black and melodramatic, this novel offers a full range of all possible and imaginable misdeeds, and the ugliness of early Edited by Thedore Hook. Complete in two volumes. Theodore Edward Hook 22 September 24 August was an English man of letters and composer, and briefly a civil servant in A very scarce copy of this impressively lengthy poem about Cambridge. With the bookplate of A beautifully bound copy of the first appearance of Robert Smith Surtees' character Jorrocks, the sporting Cockney grocer. First editon thus the papers were originally published in the New Sporting Magazine.

Jorrocks, the sporting An early copy of this popular novel first published in , in a charming fine binding. Seventh Thousand. Catherine Sinclair was a Scottish children's writer. She was the fourth daughter of Sir John Sinclair, 1st Baronet, Catherine Sinclair With 32 illustrations. Rambles of Captain Bolio shows Bolio as the hero of the novel, which The complete series of The Clockmaker by 'Samuel Slick'.

Bound in cloth with gilt lettering and blindstamped decoration. First series is the fourth edition. Second series is the third edition. First editions. A handsomely-bound set of the works of the poet, Felicia Hemans. Felicia Hemans' works appeared in nineteen individual books during her lifetime. After her death in they were republished widely, usually as collections of individual A copy of Balzac's Parisian novel, in a fine binding.

New Edition. History of the Grandeur and Decadence First English Edition. Featuring an engraved portrait frontispiece and additional titlepage. A beautifully illustrated first edition of the tumultuous tale of the blacksmith of Antwerp. Profusely illustrated. A third edition copy of Peter Parley's travel writing, with numerous illustrations throughout. Third edition. A charming short story from Mary Martha Sherwood. Fifth edition. Illustrated throughout with numerous vignette engravings. The first edition in book form of Dickens' third novel.

First edition in book form, very early issue. With first state issue points such as the important 'latter for letter' to page , 'Inscribed' to page , 'Visiters' rather than An excellent and sought after edition still in the original publisher's boards with good patina. An extensive and unformly-bound collection of the novels of Charles Lever, including many first editions. Illustrated throughout with hundreds of plates by 'Phiz' and George Cruikshank. Comprised of forty-one volumes, containing twenty-four Two hardbound volumes in brown cloth covered boards.

James Smith 10 February 24 December and Horace Smith 31 December 12 July , authors of the 'Rejected Addresses', sons of a solicitor, were both born in George Payne Rainsford James was A scarce anthology of nineteenth century authors. Four volumes bound as one. Dingelstedt Prodikus. It is a historical romance that describes the history of Lady Jane Grey from her short-lived time as Queen of England to her execution.

Here in English and illustrated throughout. With a memoir of the author to front. First edition thus. Alain-Ren Lesage - was a French novelist and playwright. An illustrated early Victorian copy of Walter Scott's historical poem, Marmion. Scott started writing Marmion, his second major work, in November When Archibald Constable, the publisher, learnt of this, he offered a thousand The first one volume edition of what has rightly been called Trollope's 'damning expose of child labour' -ODNB. With a G.

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    Classical Scholarship, Christian Theology and the Origins of the Renaissance in Italy

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