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To send this moment to your friends, enter their email addresses below:. Receive Updates. To be notified of any updates to this moment, enter your email address: Unsubscribe. All Rights Reserved. Malcolm and Jeanette moved to Edmonton shortly after his birth and resided in Edmonton until his passing. In lieu of other tributes, donations may be made to "Rest in Paradise Michael J.

Malcolm X assassination: 50 years on, mystery still clouds details of the case

McNeill" through FB Family Prayer Our dearest Michael, The pain that travels to every cell of our being in losing the opportunity to nurture, love and grow with you seeks to numb us to life, love and joy on this earth. Words fall short of the depth of care we have always had for you. Since the day we held your precious life force as you arrived as a great blessing of birth to our family. Michael, your name sake, Archangel Michael is a bringer of truth and protection. The truths you have brought to our awareness are in understanding free will and choices and in exercising that free will can put us in dangerous places where the evils of living on this earth seek to destroy The opportunity of your short life here to all to witness was whether to honour your God given precious life or to give darkness a doorway to destroy and snuff our your light, the light of a good, creative, caring young man.

We will forever be changed by your presence in our lives.

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Thank you for the love you shared and the experiences left within our hearts that evil can never reach or take from us. The lesson, Michael, you have invited us to is to value life beyond disagreements, beyond anger, beyond hate, beyond weapons, beyond distractions, and to invite god's mercy. As a family we ware open to forgiveness for choices made in haste, for weapons carried in disregard, for the young man that took your life, and in that he has forever tainted his life and in turn harmed the lives of his family as well as ours forever.

Forgiveness for authorities trading compassion in their rush to sole a crime. Michael is set free to be taken with his Grandma Pat who was his greatest ally, to the house our Lord Jesus, a place beyond the heaviness of this earth Finally Michael, you are safe and at peace. God bless you and keep you. This is history, this is fact. They called it European history, or colonialism. They ruled all the dark world. And they were happy too when they could stand up and tell how much power they had. Britain used to brag about the sun never set on her empire.

Her empire was so vast, you know, that the sun would never set on it, she bragged. I heard Churchill say it, and Macmillan, and some of those others who sat over there telling everybody else what to do. But now the shoe is on the other foot. There is no nation today that can brag about its power being unlimited, or that it can take unilateral action in any area of the earth that they desire.

No white nation can do this. But just 20 years ago they could do it.


Twenty years ago the United States could do it, 20 years ago England could do it, France could do it, even little old runt Belgium could do it, and Holland could do it. Because the base of power is shifting. Now as the base of power shifts, what it is doing is bringing an end to what you and I know to have been white supremacy. Supreme means to be above others.

Lois and Hal Malcolm in the Middle Scene RAGE!

And up until recent times, the white nations were above the dark nations. They ruled supreme on this earth. Now white supremacy has come to an end. And it is reflected in what Macmillan meant when he spoke in Africa three years ago about the winds of change. At this time Macmillan was the prime minister of England and he was making a tour through Africa; and he came back crying to the other Europeans about the winds of change that are sweeping down across the African continent, meaning that the people who formerly had permitted Europeans or whites to oppress them had changed their minds.

Adlai Stevenson got up in the United Nations, I think it was last year, and accused the dark nations of playing a skin game in the UN. And you know what he meant by skin game? He meant that people of the same skin color were banding together. Meaning that people with dark skins were banding together in the UN against people with white skins.

This is something to think about. He could see this, and this is what caused so much worry and so much confusion today. They try to give us the impression, you know, that we never were qualified, therefore we can only qualify today to the degree that they themselves qualify us. And they trick us this way. So they create another trap.

Every effort we make to unite among ourselves on the basis of what we are, they label it as what? Mind you, this is right. And they think the only way they can belong to something that is going to be progressive or successful, it has got to have the white man in it. Many of them think that. But these are traps. But what basis are we going to get together on? Italians got together because they were Italian, the Jews got together on the basis of being Jews, the Irish got together on the basis of being Irish. Now what basis are you and I going to get together on?

I mean the man is tricky. These are traps that he creates. If you speak in an angry way about what has happened to our people and what is happening to our people, what does he call it? Pick up on that. And the average black American who has been real brainwashed, he never wants to be accused of being emotional. You ever watched them? You ever watched one of them?

Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men

Do that — watch them, watch the real bourgeois black Americans. He never wants to show any sign of emotion. This is a shame, really.

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And then you go a step farther, they get you again on this violence. So he lets them do anything to him, and he sits there submitting to it non-violently, just so he can keep his image of responsibility. He dies with a responsible image, he dies with a polite image, but he dies. The man who is irresponsible and impolite, he keeps his life. That is, the dark world is rising and the white world or the Western world is having its power curtailed. Take right there is Saigon in South Vietnam. But not now. They get them a rifle and run boss clean on out of there.

The entire East, the dark world, is on the rise. Whether you like it or not. And as the dark world rises up, it puts the white world on the spot, it puts the Western world on the spot, and it puts you and me on the spot. Why does it put us on the spot? You are not of the West, you are in the West. This week comes around once every year. And during this one week they drown us with propaganda about Negro history in Georgia and Mississippi and Alabama. Never do they take us back across the water, back home.

They take us down home, but they never give us a history of back home. They never give us enough information to let us know what were we doing before we ended up in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and some of those other prison states. They give us the impression with Negro History Week that we were cotton pickers all of our lives. Cotton pickers, orange growers, mammies and uncles for the white man in this country — this is our history when you talk in terms of Negro History Week.

They might tell you about one or two people who took a peanut and made another white man rich. George Washington Carver — he was a scientist, but he died broke. He made Ford rich. He got a good name for us, but what did we get out of it? Just like a dog who runs out of the woods and grabs a rabbit. No matter how hungry the dog is, does he eat it? The boss skins it, takes the meat, and gives the dog the bones.

And the dog is going right on, hungry again. But he could have gotten the rabbit and eaten it for himself. He gets the benefit from it. We die, not for our people, we die for him. A lot of you all were fools on the front lines, were you not? Yes, you were. You put on the uniform and went right up on the front lines like a roaring hound dog barking for master. So Negro History Week reminds us of this. But he never lets us know of an accomplishment that we made prior to being born here. This is another trick. The worst trick of all is when he names us Negro and calls us Negro.

And when we call ourselves that, we end up tricking ourselves. My brother Cassius was on the screen the other night talking with Les Crane about the word Negro. We were scientifically produced by the white man. The Negro, as he is called or calls himself in the West, is the best evidence that can be used against Western civilization today. As long as you call yourself a Negro, nothing is yours.

It attaches you to nothing. Or they might call someone else Puerto Rican to identify them. Mind you how they do this. Because there is a place called Puerto Rico, you know. It at least lets you know where he came from. White is legitimate. I mean nothing, absolutely nothing. What do you identify it with? What do you attach it to, what do you attach to it? They take you out of existence by calling you a Negro. Because you made yourself nonexistent. Just as a tree without roots is dead, a people without history or cultural roots also becomes a dead people. We have nothing to identify ourselves as part of the human family.

You know, you take a tree, you can tell what kind of tree it is by looking at the leaves. If the leaves are gone, you can look at the bark and tell what kind it is. But when you find a tree with the leaves gone and the bark gone, everything gone, you call that a what? And this is the position that you and I are in here in America. Formerly we could be identified by the names we wore when we came here. When we were first brought here, we had different names. When we were first brought here, we had a different language.

And these names and this language identified the culture that we were brought from, the land that we were brought from. In identifying that, we were able to point towards what we had produced, our net worth. But once our names were taken and our language was taken and our identity was destroyed and our roots were cut off with no history, we became like a stump, something dead, a twig over here in the Western hemisphere. Anybody could step on us, trample upon us or burn us, and there would be nothing that we could do about it. Those of you who are religious, who go to church, [know] there are stories in the Bible that can be used easily to pretty well tell the condition of the black man in America once he became a Negro.

They refer to him in there as the lost sheep, meaning someone who is lost from his own kind, which is how you and I have been for the past years. We have been in a land where we are not citizens, or in a land where they have treated us as strangers. They have another symbolic story in there, called the dry bones.

Many of you have gone to church Sunday after Sunday and got, you know, the ghost, they call it, got happy. But you never could identify the symbolic meaning of those bones — how they were dead because they had been cut off from their own kind. Our people here in America have been in the same condition as those dry bones that you sit in church singing about. But you shed more tears over those dry bones than you shed over yourself. This is a strange thing, but it shows what happens to a people when they are cut off and stripped of everything, like you and I have been cut off and stripped of everything.

You see the contradiction? And then to get around it they say mankind is divided up into three categories — Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Negroid. Now pick up on that. The only ones that they classify as Negroid are those that they find with no evidence that they were ever civilized; then they call them Negroid. These are so-called anthropological terms that were put together by anthropologists who were nothing but agents of the colonial powers, and they were purposely given that status, they were purposely given such scientific positions, in order that they could come up with definitions that would justify the European domination over the Africans and the Asians.

So immediately they invented classifications that would automatically demote these people or put them on a lesser level. All of the Caucasoids are on a high level, the Negroids are kept at a low level. I hope you understand what I am saying. At least 5, years ago they had a black civilization in the Middle East called the Sumerians. Now when they show you pictures of the Sumerians they try and make you think that they were white people. It was a black-skinned people who lived there, who had a high state of culture way back then. And at a time even beyond this there was a black-skinned people in India, who were black, just as black as you and I, called Dravidians.

They inhabited the sub-continent of India even before the present people that you see living there today, and they had a high state of culture. And these people lived in that area before the present people of India lived there. The black man lived in the Middle East before the present people who are now living there. And he had a high culture and a high civilization, to say nothing about the oldest civilization of all that he had in Egypt along the banks of the Nile. And in Carthage in northwest Africa, another part of the continent, and at a later date in Mali and Ghana and Songhai and Moorish civilization — all of these civilizations existed on the African continent before America was discovered.

Now the black civilization that shook the white man up the most was the Egyptian civilization, and it was a black civilization. It was along the banks of the Nile which runs through the heart of Africa. And his civilization shows his trickiness. This tricky white man was able to take the Egyptian civilization, write books about it, put pictures in those books, make movies for television and the theatre — so skillfully that he has even convinced other white people that the ancient Egyptians were white people themselves.

They were African, they were as much African as you and I. Which means that the white man himself, he knows that the black man had this high civilization in Egypt, whose remains today show the black man in that area had mastered mathematics, had mastered architecture, the science of building things, had even mastered astronomy. I read where one scientist said that the architect of the pyramid had built a shaft that went outward from the center of the pyramid, and the place it marked in the sky was the location where a star, a blue star I think, some kind of a star, made an appearance only once every 50, years.

Now he could not have known this unless he had records going back beyond 50, years. Yet the pyramid is a living witness today that the black people who were responsible for bringing it into existence had this kind of knowledge. Whereas, you know yourself, you can paint your house, and have to paint it again next year. And the black man in that day was such a master in these various scientific fields that he left behind evidence that his scientific findings in that day exceeded the degree to which the white man here in the West has been able to rise today.

And you should get it and go. Just behind the pyramids is a huge statue which many of you are familiar with, called the Sphinx. And they marvel at it. What causes them to marvel is the fact that the black man could have been at such a high level then, and now be where he is today, at the bottom of the heap, with no outer sign that he has any scientific ability left within him.

Rhythm is mathematics, harmony is mathematics. And the black man is balanced. Before you and I came over here, we were so well balanced we could toss something on our head and run with it. Because you lost your balance. But when you are in tune with yourself, your very nature has harmony, has rhythm, has mathematics. You can build. You play music by ear. And you used to build the same way. You have it in you to do it. I know black brickmasons from the South who have never been to school a day in their life. But nobody teaches you always what you know how to do. It just comes to you. When you come to yourself, a whole lot of other things will start coming to you, and the man knows it.

In that day the black man in Egypt was wearing silk, sharp as a tack, brothers. They admit this. They were naked or they were wearing skins from animals. If they could get an animal, they would take his hide and throw it around their shoulders to keep warm. Even they themselves will show you when they were living up there in caves, they were knocking animals in the head and eating the raw meat.

They were eating raw meat, raw food. They still like it raw today. This is true. You were walking erect, upright. You ever watch your walk? Now you do this to walk erect. Wherever you see the black man, he walks with dignity. They teach them how to walk like you. But you were almost born with a book on your head. You can throw it up there and run with it.

I was amazed when I was in Africa to see the sense of poise and balance that these people over there have, all throughout Africa and Asia. They have that poise and that balance. But this is not an accident. This comes from something.

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Also as I said earlier, at that same time there was another African civilization called Carthage. One of the most famous persons in Carthage was a man named Hannibal. You and I have been taught that he was a white man. This is how they steal your history, they steal your culture, they steal your civilization — just by Hollywood producing a movie showing a black man as a white man. I remember one day I told someone that Hannibal was black — some Negro, he was in college, you understand — I told him Hannibal was a black man, and he had a fit.

Really, he did, he wanted to fight me on that. Hannibal was famous for crossing the Alps Mountains with elephants. Hannibal found a way to cross the Alps with elephants. They moved him across the mountains. And he had with him 90, African troops, defeated Rome and occupied Italy for between 15 and 20 years. This is why you find many Italians dark — some of that Hannibal blood. No Italian will ever jump up in my face and start putting bad mouth on me, because I know his history.

He knows his history, he knows how he got that color. Now what do you think 90, Africans are going to do in Italy for 20 years? Even the Irish got a dose of your and my blood when the Spanish Armada was defeated off the coast of Ireland, I think around about the 17th or 18th century; I forget exactly, you can check it out. The Spanish in those days were dark. These names came from the Iberian Peninsula, which is the Spanish-Portuguese Peninsula, and they came there through these seamen, who were dark in those days. In this era that you and I are living in after Christ, right in West Africa, one of the most highly developed civilizations was Ghana.

And it was a highly developed civilization, highly developed society, that prevailed right up until I think around the 11th century, or perhaps it went out of existence as an empire just before the 10th or the llth century. But this was an empire in Africa that was the source of gold and ivory, and other art objects, what would be called today art objects or items of luxury, came from Ghana. They had one of the highest developed governmental systems, tax systems, cultures, period, at that time when people in Europe At one point when they were introducing Nkrumah, they were congratulating him.

I remember Abe Stark said this — that Nkrumah comes from Ghana, a country which was highly civilized, wearing silks, at a time when we, he said, up in Europe, were painting ourselves blue. Now you would think, with him saying that, that the black newspaper reporters present would have put it in the paper and used it to wake up some of us in Harlem. And I know — I could name the ones that were there right now, some of them occupying leading positions in black newspapers in this city.

But they are afraid to let us know what level we were on. After Ghana in West Africa, there was another civilization called Mali. Mali is one of the most famous because it was made famous by a black sultan named Mansa Musa. Mansa Musa was famed for a journey he took from Mali to Mecca. In the same area — all of these three empires were in West Africa — after the Mali, I think, it was the Songhai empire.

The Songhai empire covered, I think, even more territory than the Mali empire. And in those days there was the fabulous, fabled city of Timbuktu. Timbuktu was a center of learning where they had colleges and universities; and this Timbuktu existed as a hidden city, or forbidden city, to the white man for many centuries. He was not permitted to go there, none of them had been there — it was for us. They had universities there in which scholars traveled from China, Japan, the Orient, from Asia, from Africa, all the parts of Africa, to come there and learn.

This was in Africa, and this existed before the discovery of America. These people who taught at this university, or these universities, had a knowledge of geography. They knew that the earth was round. Also, at that same time or a little later was a civilization called the Moors. The Moors were also a dark-skinned people on the African continent, who had a highly developed civilization. They were such magnificent warriors that they crossed the Straits of Gibralter in, I think, the year , 8th century, conquered Portugal, what we today know as Portugal, Spain, and Southern France, conquered it and ruled it for seven hundred years.

And it was the only light spot; the only light, the only light of learning, that existed on the European continent at that time were the universities that the Moors had erected in what we today know as Spain and Portugal. These were African universities that they set up in that area. And they ruled throughout that area, up until a place known as Tours, where they were stopped by a. Frenchman known in history as Charles Martel, or Charles the Hammer. He stopped the invasion of the Africans, and these were Africans. But when you go home, look in the dictionary. Look up the word M-o-o-r; it will tell you that Moor means black.

Sure, we forgave our enemies in those days — after we killed them, we forgave them. The black man in those days had never been defeated on the battlefield. He was only defeated when the Europeans invented, or got access to, gunpowder. The Chinese used it for peaceful purposes. Marco Polo, I think it was Marco, got ahold of it, and brought it back to Europe, and immediately they started using it to kill people with.

In Asia and in Africa, we kill for food. In Europe, they kill for sport. Have you not noticed that? They get their kicks killing. It gets good to them. Oh yes, you watch them sometime when they shoot a pheasant. When they shoot something, they just go crazy, you know, like they were really getting their kicks. And we have heard stories where they have lynched black people, and right while they were lynching that black man, you could see them getting their kicks, the thrill, while they do it.

Whereas you and I, when we kill, we kill because we need to, either for food or to defend ourselves. But they never defeated the African armies until they got gunpowder. Then with their gunpowder, they came in. In those days, we had mastered the blade. This is true, because they know you know how to use it, brothers.

Historically, on the battlefield, no one could use a blade like you and me — yes. You see, it takes a man to use one, for one thing. You and I, we went right on into him. He lied and killed, to take over the world. During the Crusades, the Europeans fought against the Asians and the Africans — it was the war between what they called the Muslims and the Christians.

Christians meant the European nations, France, Belgium. You go read the history of the Crusades. They wanted to regain it from the Muslims, but they never could do it. The Muslims defeated the Christian armies.

And the Christian armies in those days were white; the Muslim armies were black, brown, red and yellow. Some of the leading warriors in the Muslim armies were from Africa. The Africans had mastered metalwork with such skill that they had a coat that they put on, made of steel, that was just as pliable as this. Whereas, when you see the white knight, you notice he had to have some help to get on his horse? Because he looked like he was inside of a stove. But that black man had mastered metalcraft, woodcraft, leathercraft — he was crafty, brothers, he mastered everything.

But not a thing in Europe. And it was during the Crusades that many of the people in Europe realized what a high culture existed in Asia and in Africa. They got all their reading and writing and arithmetic from you and me. And you see what they did with it? They turned around and used it on us. So the question is, if we were at such a level then, what happened to us to get us where we are now?

If we had such a high culture, such a high civilization, what happened to get us where we are now? When America was discovered and colonized by England, England populated her American colonies not with people who were refined and cultured, but, if you read the history, she did the same thing here that she did in Australia. All the convicts were sent here to found this country.

The prisons were emptied of prostitutes and thieves and murderers. They were sent over here to populate this country. No, the founding fathers from England came from the dungeons of England, came from the prisons of England; they were prostitutes, they were murderers and thieves and liars. And as soon as they got over here, they proved it. They created one of the most criminal societies that has ever existed on the earth since time began. They were such artful liars, they were such artful, skillful liars, that they were able to take a criminal system and, with lies, project it to the world as a humanitarian system.

They were the worst form of criminals themselves, but with their lies they were able to project themselves as pilgrims who were so religious they were coming to this country so they could practice their religion. And you ate that thing up per cent. No, they were crooks that came here — Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Quincy and the others, all of them were criminals. And if you doubt that they were, when they wrote this document talking about freedom, they still owned you.

It was Jefferson. Jefferson had more slaves than anybody else. When I see some poor old brainwashed Negroes — [if] you mention Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and Patrick Henry, they just swoon, you know, with patriotism. You, yes, were a sack of potatoes, a barrel of molasses, you amounted to nothing, in the sight of Washington, or in the sight of Jefferson, or Hamilton, and some of those other so-called founding fathers.