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Tyler Perry 3. Fred Rogers 4. Kelly Ripa 5. Kevin Costner 6. Taraji P. Henson 7. Kelly Reilly. Latest Stories 1. In a remote temple in Tibet, a young boy with mystical abilities — the Golden Child — receives badges of station and demonstrates his power to the monks of the temple by reviving a dead eastern rosella , which becomes a constant companion and familiar. A mysterious man, Sardo Numspa, has his men break into the temple, slaughter the monks and abduct the boy.

Kee seeks him out and informs him of the kidnapping of the Golden Child and that he is the "chosen one" who would save the Child. Chandler does not take this seriously, even after the bird begins following him and seeing an astral projection of the Child. The next day, Cheryll Mosley is found dead near an abandoned house smeared with Tibetan graffiti and a pot full of blood-soaked oatmeal.

Kee reveals to Chandler that this house was a holding place for the Child and introduces him to Doctor Hong, a mystic expert, and Kala a creature half dragon, half woman, who remains hidden behind a screen. Chandler and Kee track down a motorcycle gang , the Yellow Dragons, which Cheryll had joined, and Chinese restaurant owner Tommy Tong, a henchman of Numspa, to whom Cheryll had been "sold" for her blood, a way to make the Child vulnerable to earthly harm. However, Tong is killed by Numspa as a potential traitor.

Still not taking the case too seriously, Chandler is drawn by Numspa into a controlled dream, where he receives a burn mark on his arm. Numspa presents his demands: the Ajanti Dagger a mystic weapon capable of killing the Child in exchange for the boy. Chandler finally agrees to help, and he and Kee spend the night together. Chandler and Kee travel to Tibet, where Chandler is swindled by an old amulet seller, later revealed as the High Priest of the temple where the dagger is kept hidden and, subsequently, Kee's father.

In order to obtain the blade, Chandler has to pass a test: an obstacle course in a bottomless cavern whilst carrying a glass of water without spilling a drop. With luck and wits, Chandler recovers the blade and even manages to bring it past customs into the United States. That night, Numspa and his henchmen attack Chandler and Kee.

The Ajanti Dagger is lost to the villains, and Kee takes a crossbow bolt meant for Chandler, dying in his arms while confessing her love for him.

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Doctor Hong and Kala offer him hope: as long as the sun shines upon Kee, the Child might be able to save her. With the help of the Child's familiar, Chandler locates Numspa's hideout, retrieves the dagger with the help of Til, one of Numspa's men converted to good by the Child, and frees the boy.


When Chandler confronts Numspa, he reveals himself as a demon. Chandler and the Child escape, only to be trapped inside a warehouse. Am I worthy of the love I receive? With luck and kindness, when the siblings grow up these differences can be joked about over lunch: the bitterness adds flavour like salt to good bread. But what if the stakes are higher?

What if only one son can have the future the father dreams of?

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His anguish is delicately rendered. He worries for the safety not only of his children but of his wife. He tries so hard to walk the straight and true path.

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Clyde spends all his effort on being the right kind. It should be enough to care for two boys. Although Clyde is our guiding eye, the narrative stretches beyond him. We discover that much of his apparent stupidity is actually shyness.

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We find out that he is kind: at night, he lets his brother take more than his share of the bed. We view the family from the outside through the eyes of Father Kavanagh, a priest who is giving Paul private lessons. Though much time is devoted to the psychology of his brother and father, the novel dips only briefly into the mind of Peter, the golden child.